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For AW 2019 consistently seeking to reach new boundaries in design we continue to collaborate with textile and industrial designers creating new materials such as foam like textures to a mixture of mineral powders, resin and natural pigments that essentially become an accessory. Also new to the collection are the metallic 3d pattern scarves with metal wire that create an eye catching sculptural affect.


The color palette  is based on warm winter hues from bold cherry red and forest green to the more subtle ocher and rust  in new elegant shapes with original patterns like the marble and terrazzo for necklaces bracelets and debut line of earrings.

Gily Ilan x Maor Aharon

Aharon’s aesthetic is heavily weighted towards process: each project begins with research and experimentation into materials and technology in an effort to push the tools with which he works to their very limits. In this sense, he is a maker who is driven as much by curiosity as by concept.

The collaboration produced unique accessories made from carefully selected combinations of materials that express the inspiration worlds of the two.

Gily Ilan x Mika Barr

This season we're adding a new line of scarves and necklaces in collaboration with innovative textile manufacturer and designer Mika Barr. Her unique fabrics are made with a special polymer and are hand crafted locally in her studio. 

The designer behind the brand

"Gily Ilan is not only a talented craftswoman, but she also takes great care in work, hand-crafting artisan necklaces and scarves in her Tel Aviv studio. Gily combines her expertise in ceramic design (having earned a BFA in Ceramic Design from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design) with a love of textiles, ending up with accessories formed from a special knitting technique in various fabrics bound by magnetic porcelain clasps. The juxtaposition of the two materials makes for a show-stopping piece, yet one which is extremely wearable, not to mention practical." 

By Time Out Israel writersPosted: Wednesday January 11 2017