The magical way between a fashion designer and a jewelry designer

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A collaboration between GILY ILAN jewelry brand and ALEXANDRA fashion brand.

From time to time, as the season changes and I revise the seasonal collection at my brand, ALEXANDRA,  I always look for collaborations with relevant local designers who might have items that can complement my clothing line, my style and appeal to my customers and audience.

I address women who are looking for quality, specialty and uniqueness in line of clothing, suitable for any age and size. Women who are wishing for timeless items, with significant  creativity in mixing the emerging fashion trends into the general trends, with high quality, and versatility.

I search for items that compliment my collection and likewise my collection will complement the selected brand.Those are exactly the features I found when I met the GILY ILAN brand.

GILY ILAN uses different techniques between fabric and ceramics, playing with interesting colors and patterns, using fabulous materials such as quartz, foam, porcelain, and creates original, unique, and absolutely unusual jewelry.

What can I say? I was fascinated!

I was fascinated by the similarity to my work concept, as a fashion designer, by connecting and binding various textures, and I was fascinated by the exciting and  inspiring personal story of Gily, who had started her way in researching world of materials and continued to learn and even drew inspiration for amelioration during unusual circumstances of discovering a genetic disease.

GILY ILAN has a unique aesthetic that takes great inspiration from our biology and creates items that naturally connect with the woman's body and obviously with my clothing line.

The women who visit me are looking for clothing items that are sewn with deep thought about the woman's body, with no limits of classic sizes or body shapes but rather with a desire and passion to match any woman with a garment that she would feel empowered, safe, and well designed in style and chic.

When I saw GILY ILAN's jewelry line, I felt that the exact same woman would be joyful to wear GILY’s jewelry for the same reasons.And most importantly that as soon as I saw the jewelry, I simply knew! 

Just as GILY's jewelry will compliment my clothing line, so will my collection complement GILY’s jewelry and the magic of the photos will get realized by women in the best possible way.

When I put GILY ILAN's jewelry on, the bracelets and earrings in particular, had the charm and empower effect just as I thought they would. 

This is surely the result of a deep thought in the product, process, idea and inspiration.

Each item is created with deep composition targeting an exceptional woman who is looking for season-less items for lifetime, continuously upgrading the entire presence and look.

So, if you really want a unique, original empowering and timeless look- this is the time to  compliment your invested unique garment with exceptional designed jewelry or scarves that will upgrade your look at any time for any occasion.

The outcome speaks for itself - the photographs are amazing! GILY ILAN’s earrings and bracelets highlight the color in the look of my great models and created a powerful presence resulting from the mutual symbiosis between the clothing and the jewelry.



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