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About The Brand


Often, it’s the unlikeliest of connections that result in the most beautiful ones.

GILY ILAN aims to discover and highlight the subtle links that connect contrasting worlds. This is most prominently showcased in the signature collection of scarves and necklaces which feature knit textiles alongside magnetic porcelain clasps. The designs playfully blur the lines of traditional technique and modern application, warm functionality and cool finishing, bold statement and minimalist aesthetic.

Every new design is an opportunity for the maker to foster connections between these unlikely elements and find a balance that is, at once, both provocative and seamlessly organic.

From jeans and a t-shirt to a gala gown, GILY ILAN statement neck-pieces are designed to add just the right amount of art and intrigue to any wardrobe.

Materials are always responsibly sourced. Designs are always handmade.

All styles are available for large quantity orders, though natural patterns in porcelain and textile design insure each piece is one of a kind.

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